Coax Publications Inc Student Success Pages

Description and Discussion

The Coax Publications Inc Student Success Pages are designed to provide an interactive environment similar to a classroom. The pages complement our various Study Guide books by closely linking the teaching of a topic with feedback on how well the student has absorbed the material.

Each Chapter

For each chapter all the relevant Industry Canada questions are available, one at a time, presented with the possible answers.

The student can click on his choice of answer and is immediately presented with feedback as to whether he is correct. In case of error retrying the question is allowed.

For selected calculation questions a separate Ask The Professor page is available. This page is offered whenever a wrong answer is entered but only displayed on request.  Ask The Professor provides a short analysis of the question and explains how to approach it. Where appropriate a sample calculation is provided.

Ask The Professor is designed to provide the same function as the in-class instructor provides for a student working alone and for course reviews.

Entire Course

For the entire course, sample examinations composed of random selections of questions taken from the complete Industry Canada examination bank are available. While the standard IC examination consists of 100 questions, the sample exams can be adjusted to various shorter lengths too. When an answer is selected the question is replaced with the next one, preventing changing the answer. During the examination a running counter of right/wrong answers is maintained and at the end some feedback is provided as to how well the student did and an indication of the class of license he would have qualified.

Additional Material

Complete .pdf formatted versions of the Industry Canada question banks for the Basic and Advanced Qualifications, sorted by topic are available for download. The questions have been grouped together by chapter in the Coax Publications study guides.

A set of chapter reviews and sample examinations in the same format as the Basic Qualification are provided for the Advanced Qualification IC Question Bank.