Coax Publications Inc Errata Listings

While we hate to admit it, experience suggests it is inevitable that immediately a new Study Guide is released we will find something that bypassed all the care, research, and proof-reading that goes into writing and publishing a book. Here are all the known errors in our manuals. For your convenience we have also included the errata lists for the now out of print RAC editions of our manuals.

Should you feel that you have found another error in our current manuals we would be most pleased if you would e-mail us using the  Contact Information  button on the Coax Publications Inc home page and let us know so it can be corrected in the next printing.

Current Editions

The current edition of the Canadian Amateur Radio Basic Qualification Study Guide is the 9th edition, 2nd printing.

The current edition of the Canadian Amateur Radio Advanced Qualification Study Guide is the 2nd edition, 1st printing.  The 1st edition, 1st and 2nd printings, are identical.

The Instructors' Guide download is updated on a continuing basis and errata are posted showing the last date that the error appears in the download. The current version of the file is 09-01 and is matched to the 9th edition of the Basic Guide.

While the former Advanced Study Guide CD/ROM, now out of print, sold by Radio Amateurs of Canada is by the same authors, and some support for it was hosted on our web site, Coax Publications Inc is not the publisher. RAC has now withdrawn the errata information from their web site.