Clubs Offering Courses

This is a listing of Canadian Amateur Radio Clubs that offer courses leading to your Basic Qualification. You can select a nearby club by selecting a province then a municipality.  There are several municipalities listed for each club, derived from the areas that they serve. If you don't find a match to your own location, please try the name of a nearby municipality.

If you still don't get a match, then a listing of the entire province or territory in alphabetical order can be retrieved.

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Clubs that use Coax Publications books as study guides for their classes are sent a registration form for this web site when they order.   Other clubs are listed on request or when we are notified.

There is no obligation for a club to use Coax Publications Inc books to be listed.

Clubs will be shown with current courses if they have run a course within the past two years. The contact information will continue to be displayed.