Geoff Smith, VA3GS - SK
18 February, 1942 - 4 December, 2019

Geoff Smith, VA3GS - SK

Geoff passed his Amateur Radio operator qualification in 1977 and was first licensed as VE3KCE. He obtained the callsign VA3GS in 1992.

Geoff was an active operator and for many years was a Net Control Operator on the ONTARS public service network. He enjoyed various aspects of operating but writing publications for the Amateur community was his first love. He was co-author of the Canadian Amateur Radio Basic and Advanced Study Guides and their predecessors from 1982 until his death when he was actively involved in preparing the next edition of both of Coax Publication's Study Guides.

Geoff was formerly a director and Vice-President of the Canadian Amateur Radio Federation (one of the two predecessor organizations to Radio Amateurs of Canada) and was the Ontario South director for Radio Amateurs of Canada from 2004 - 2009. He also held executive positions in the York Region Amateur Radio club and has taught both the Basic and Advanced license courses.

Professionally, Geoff was a retired high school chemistry teacher and principal. He was for many years the Assistant Head-Master at St Andrew's College in Aurora, ON, and subsequently Head Master of King's Edgehill School in Windsor, NS. After retirement he spent several years at Canadian College Italy in Lanciano, Abruzzo.

Geoff is a co-author of the following Coax Publications Inc publications:

  •  - Canadian Amateur Radio Basic Qualification Study Guide (all editions)
  •  - Canadian Amateur Radio Advanced Qualification Study Guide (all editions)
  •  - Instructors' Guide for the Basic Qualification

and several books issued by other publishers.