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Basic Study Guide 9th Edition

Coax Publications Inc is the largest publisher of books in support of Amateur Radio in Canada.  Our best selling Study Guide:

Canadian Amateur Radio Basic Qualification Study Guide

is used by almost all club licensing courses.  This Study Guide has been carefully matched to the examination requirements as defined by Industry Canada to ensure that everything is covered.   352 - 8 ½" by 11" pages.

Purchase of a Coax Publications Inc study guide includes unlimited access to our Student Success Pages, especially created to enhance your learning experience. Click here for a description of the Student Success Pages.

The Canadian Amateur Radio Advanced Qualification Study Guide

Advanced Study Guide 1st Edition

In response to all those who have requested an Advanced Qualification Study Guide in book format, Coax Publications has now created one. We have carefully checked that all questions in the current Industry Canada question bank are covered in depth, but more than that, we have provided an introduction and context to those areas of modern communications electronics that you will encounter when you obtain your Advanced Qualification and start to design, build, and repair your own equipment and automated stations.

Priced the same as the Basic Qualification Study Guide, above, at $44.95 plus shipping, handling and taxes, this book has 340   8 ½" by 11" pages and is supported by many new features on the Student Success Pages, including enhanced Ask The Professor help for difficult questions, as well as all calculation questions, and other new features.

Instructors: Coax Publication's Instructors' Guide has been completely rewritten using the latest teaching practices. Additional materials are included to help both beginning and experienced instructors. The course has been divided into lessons and each lesson includes a list of objectives, the resources required, a plan with teaching tips, and suggested homework assignments. As in previous versions printable or projectable copies of all drawings used in the book are included. This new Instructors' Guide is sold as a download for $19.95 plus tax. Clubs need only purchase one copy for a course because the file can be shared among instructors teaching the same class.

Clubs:   Note special low club prices for orders of 7 or more books!