9thEdition Canadian Amateur Radio Basic Qualification Study Guide

Basic Study Guide 9th Edition

 • Upgraded to add additional context for the new questions added to the Industry Canada examination bank in 2014

 • Includes technology changes in Communications Electronics since the previous edition was released in 2009

 • Adds new material, some of it not required yet by the examination but useful for when you obtain your licence and start to operate

 • All new typesetting

• Corrects all errata from previous editions and rewords difficult sections

This new edition proudly continues Coax Publications Inc's tradition of up to date study materials for the Industry Canada Amateur Radio examinations. Our Study Guides are used by almost all club licensing courses.  This Study Guide has been carefully matched to the examination requirements as defined by Industry Canada to ensure that everything is covered.

The size of the book has been increased from 320 to 352 – 8 ½ × 11 inch pages. Lie–flat binding and wide margins for easy studying.

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